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Schedule of Specifications: Design Agreed

Smart Features

Data Cabinet in Utility

  • Mini 8U Comms Cabinet
  • 12 Port Cat6 Patch Panel
  • Cat6 patch leads
  • Port Gigabit Switch, Cat6 RJ45 modules, face plates
  • Ubiquiti UniFi nanoHD

If you require any more...

Mechanical Engineering

  • Heat Pump required on all new construction – if not Gas Oil or Solar
  • Watering systems, timers or on demand hot supply
  • Location of plant room
  • Water purification system
  • Heating controls
  • Mechanical ventilation

Electrical Engineering

  • Electricity connection, capacity for future additions
  • Battery or Electric Charger
  • Detached building, such as a shed and other needs

Networking Engineering

  • Telephone connection
  • Internet / Smart Home internal wiring to multiple points
  • Cable TV connection
  • TV connections to multiple points
  • Alarm system
  • Smart Features
  • Network cabling
  • Intercom with appropriate cabling
  • Remote gate operation with cabling
  • Video monitoring and cabling

Outside Work & Landscaping

  • Footpaths along street
  • Driveway and footpath to front door
  • Paving to clothes line
  • Patio
  • Nature of finish to concreted areas – pattern paving? colour?
  • Garage or car port
  • Storm water storage, means of use – pump included?
  • Fences around side and rear boundaries (height/material)
  • Fences between front and back yard
  • Landscaping, garden edging
  • Provision of garden soil, including lawn areas

House Specifications

  • Appliances - As we have access to 1000s of products we can give you good all in one package with includes 5 year extended warranty
  • Automatic Hoovers built in / Smart Appliance
  • Elevation of slab compared to surrounding area
  • Drainage to low areas with provision for overflow around or away from house
  • Access to back yard by foot
  • Access to back yard by vehicle
  • Adequate car parking for your family, visitors
  • Able to reverse into the street or turn around off street
  • Double driveway retains its full width to allow cars to park side by side or get past each other
  • Bulky items storage (Christmas tree, etc.)
  • Garden equipment storage
  • Recreation equipment storage, including bicycles
  • Potential for headlights from vehicles on the street to shine on windows
  • Ceiling heights
  • Ramps vs. steps at entry – anyone with disabilities
  • View 'locations' suit natural views
  • Location of electrical, gas, water supply matches meter location
  • Sanitary sewer not under driveway if it requires a vent (generally not a good idea to have it under the driveway regardless – it may plug up one day and need to be dug up!)
  • Storm drains directed to appropriate places
  • Outside water taps, water supply for irrigation systems